Roy Osherove, Track minus top-line on SoundBetter

You can't beat a good tension cue.  I'm using various libraries to create these: form 8dio, to EastWest to LASS. plus Maschine sprinkled around.


I love making beats and these are great for cut scenes or slow motion scenes of people walking down the street, getting out of the car or generally looking cool in slo-mo.



"Neon Nomad" is the name of a group I am part of and the name of the first album of that group. Is is a purely synth-wave and darkwave album, fully instrumental. Perfect for shows such as "Stranger Things" and other 80s throw backs. 


I love chill-out music and am a big fan of Massive Attack, Portishead and the like. These instrumentals are great for bringing a chill out vibe to your project.


I'm still on my journey to learning to create epic style music. These instrumentals should be good for trailer style commercials and game intros.



These should be good for magical style cues such as the goodbye scene in E.T, a christmas commercial and other magical ideas.


These are just a small sample. I also work with FMod and WWise to create a full gaming experence that can integrate into Unity3d and Unreal Engine.

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