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Israeli Hebrew Hard Rock Music Wanted for US Action Based TV Show (Closed)

Status: CLOSED

This opportunity is current OPEN.

Oshro is looking to represent Israeli (Hebrew) songs in a hard rock style for sync in an action tv show based in the US and other opportunities.


Here’s an example of a sound that they are looking for:

Requirements to submit:

  1. Hard Rock or metal song

  2. You own or represent someone who owns the full rights to the master recording and writing rights.

  3. The song has vocals singing in hebrew

  4. High quality MIX

  5. Instrumentals available on demand (playback with no vocals)


  1. Oshro will conduct initial screening, verification and contract diligence and move songs that fit into the next stage (Submitting directly to a music supervisor for listening)

  2. Any sync earnings will be split (70% submitter, 30% oshro)

  3. If song is approved, You will sign a non exclusive representation agreement with Oshro for this song

How to Submit:

Click the following link:

Submit no more than 3 songs over here.

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